Smart locks for Airbnb hosts.

EVVA AirKey and short-term rent

You rent apartments or houses short-term? If you have an electronic cylinder installed, you won’t have to check your clients in and out, and there won’t be any problems with lost keys anymore.

Short-term property owners using services such as Airbnb or will certainly appreciate the convenience of electronic access control systems, in particular the EVVA AirKey. Having installed a smart cylinder on the door of the rented apartment, you can send the key to the tenant via SMS – the guest will open the door using her/his smartphone. The key will function exactly as long as you want – and not a minute longer.

You can provide your guests with as many keys as they need without leaving home. Of course, the problem of keys lost or taken away by guests will also be solved.

The EVVA AirKey app can even route your guests to their temporary home: you can specify the location of the electronic cylinder, and the app will send this data to the navigation software.

Short-term rental property is one of the important markets for the EVVA AirKey system. You can get acquainted with the projects implemented for this sector in a special section of our website or on