Six steps to start using EVVA AirKey system

An electronic cylinder EVVA AirKey is easily installed in the place of a mechanical one. The outer part of the cylinder is a card reader and, when inactive, rotates freely without actuating the lock. After the lock is activated by the electronic key, the outer part of the cylinder engages with the rotation-transmitting mechanism that locks or unlocks the lock.

Special RFID tags (cards, key fobs) or smartphones (iPhone, Android) that communicate with the cylinder via NFC or Bluetooth can be used as keys.

Locking schemes and access rights are stored in the EVVA supported cloud. Access rights changes are transferred to the locking devices through a smartphone connected to the Internet.

It’s possible to assign access rights remotely. The administrator sends an SMS message containing a link to the app to the user’s smartphone, the user installs and activates the app and automatically gets access to certain locks.

Access rights assignments or changes are payed for by KeyCredits. The user can purchase and activate a card for a certain number of changes in access rights or for an unlimited number of such changes within a certain period of time.

The system offers a wide range of access control tools. The administrator can assign users with unlimited access, or access limited to certain time intervals, etc.

Cylinders of the European (DIN standard) or Scandinavian profiles, padlocks and furniture locks can be used as actuators. Besides, any devices controlled via a relay input using wall readers (magnetic locks, electromechanical locks, etc.) can also be connected to the system.

Two CR2 batteries are used as a power source. Batteries last for several tens of thousands of opening cycles. The control system informs the user when it is recommended to replace the batteries. If the batteries are completely discharged, then you can connect an emergency power source to the cylinder and open it with a smartphone (but not with a key fob or card).

Many different projects based on the EVVA AirKey system have been completed around the world.

EVVA is an Austrian company, one of the world leading manufacturers of mechanical locks. Since 2010, the company also produces electronic locking systems. Electronic locking system EVVA AirKey is the best solution for private buyers and small companies.

If you are buying EVVA AirKey Cylinder Mechanisms for the first time, then most likely you will need a “starter kit“. It includes everything you need to start the access control system: a “smart” cylinder, three keys, 6 units of KeyCredit and a reader removal and installation tool.

If you want to expand your existing EVVA AiKey system, you can buy only the cylinders.