Enterprise level access control systems for small businesses and private usage

You want to use your smartphone as a key to open a lock or a number of locks? Your small office needs an access control system that would have enterprise level functionality, but wouldn’t be so expensive? You’d like to avoid installing electrical wiring and making door alterations? Then our electronic cylinders will be an excellent solution.

Are electronic cylinders expensive? Yes, as a rule, they are 3-4 times more expensive than good mechanical cylinders. But there are situations when you should seriously consider installment of “smart” cylinders.

  • You or your family members regularly loose your keys? If you have an electronic lock, you just have to delete the lost key from the system and it will not open your doors anymore.
  • Your employee goes on vacation or is on a sick leave? You just need to assign the replacement worker to additional access rights, and then cancel them, when the permanent worker comes back.
  • You need a janitor to open your apartment’s door only on Wednesdays at 10.00-11.30 am, and not on any other time? Install an electronic cylinder and assign access rights the way you need.
  • You rent out your apartment short-term? If you have an electronic lock installed, you won’t have to await for your client’s arrival. You’ll just send them an SMS, they’ll install an app and then just open the door with their smartphone. Moreover, their “key” will function only within the renting period and not a minute longer.
  • Your business trip turns out to be a while longer and you need to ask your neighbor to feed your cat? Send him/her an access code, and they’ll be able to get into your apartment, but only at the time you assign.
  • You need to understand who and when entered an area requiring special protection? Install an electronic cylinder on this door, and you’ll always be able to check out this lock’s event log.

Cylinders we offer can easily be installed instead of ordinary mechanical cylinders. No electrical wiring is needed. Private buyers and small companies are able to achieve the level of access control usually available only to large enterprises. Yet you don’t need dedicated servers or any other additional equipment to administer the system. All you need is a smartphone and a screwdriver.

As with mechanical locks, “smart” locks can provide different security levels and different solutions to the same problem.

EVVA AirKey system stores all data in the cloud. You need a smartphone with Internet access and an NFC and/or Bluetooth interface to provide connection between the cloud and the cylinder. As a result, you achieve a high data security level, but the system won’t work without at least periodical Internet access. Besides, you have to pay for each change of access rights (however, deleting a key is always free).

You can find typical examples of using electronic cylinders in the References section.