EVVA AirKey system consists of three main parts:

  • Control system located in the EVVA supported cloud. The user accesses the system through the web interface and adds locking devices, keys, information about key holders and their access rights (in other words, who and when can open one lock or another).
  • Locking devices, which are mechanisms that actually lock and unlock the locks. These can be electronic cylinders, padlocks and furniture locks. Besides, using a special wall reader, you can connect any device equipped with a relay input (magnetic lock, electromechanical lock, electric strike, etc.) to the system.
  • The keys. You can use a smartphone (with NFC or Bluetooth) or special RFID tags (cards, key fobs). The key contains a MIFARE chip and doesn’t require a power source.

The system components exchange information via smartphone with the Internet access. The smartphone transfers information about which key can lock or unlock one device or another at one or another time, which keys were lost (added to the “black list”) and must not be used anymore. Besides, the locking devices transmit data about the saved events to the control system via the smartphone.

The smartphone connects to the locking device through NFC or Bluetooth. NFC is used to connect to the keys. If your smartphone doesn’t support NFC, you can connect to the locking device through Bluetooth and then it will connect to the key by itself.

Besides, as an additional optional component, a coding station can be used that connects to a personal computer and simplifies the work with the locking devices and the keys.