The following items can be the keys in EVVA AirKey system:

  • smartphones with AirKey app
  • special cards and key fobs
  • EVVA mechanical cylinder keys equipped with MIFARE chip

The keys don’t have a power source and are practically eternal.

Keys are added to the administrative system using a smartphone or a coding station. Having added a key, the system administrator can assign it with access rights (these operations are paid for by KeyCredits cards). If a key must no longer unlock some particular device, then the changes are made to the administration system and then transferred to the key.

In case a key is lost it can be added to the “black list” (this operation is always free of charge). After the key was added to the “black list”, this information must be transferred to the locking devices. It is performed through the administrative smartphone.

How to open a door

Every EVVA AirKey system has it’s own account. To add or change access rights, the account balance must be positive. Use KeyCredits cards to top up your account. These cards are based either on quantity (you can buy a certain number of changes – 10, 50 or 100), or on time (the number of changes is unlimited, but it works within a certain time period – 12 or 36 months).