Many different projects based on the EVVA AirKey system have been completed around the world.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Parndorf (Austria).

A complex of 160 designer stores uses a combined access control system: EVVA AirKey electronic cylinders complement the conventional mechanical master system where flexible access settings are needed. Besides, the administration of individual door groups is delegated to store tenants, which simplifies the work both for them and the complex manager.

The electronic cylinder system consists of approximately 600 locking devices and 1500 keys. One of the important advantages of EVVA AirKey is the high level of security, including data security, provided by the EVVA cloud storage system.

You can learn more about the project in the video posted on this page (German with English subtitles).

Network of coworking spaces SleevesUp!

Network of coworking spaces SleevesUp! offers its services in different German cities. Access control for clients and employees of such organizations should provide flexibility, security and reliability at the same time. In addition to all of the above, EVVA AirKey offers remote access using the “Send a key” function, which makes the system even more convenient. For details, see the manufacturer’s website (in English).

Beak residential complex

The small residential complex Beak in Hong Kong uses EVVA AirKey electronic cylinders in all of its apartments. This is convenient for both the residents of the complex and the service organization – service personnel can get into the apartments to carry out the work at the time when it is necessary. Moreover, access to the apartments is controlled, and you can always tell exactly who, when and where entered.
For details, see the manufacturer’s website (in English).

Fiber Service Oberosterreich

The Austrian company Fiber Service Oberosterreich creates, manages and maintains fiber optic networks in Austria. This type of business has many geographically separated premises with equipment that requires maintenance from time to time, either by the company itself or by its suppliers. The company currently has 22 locations, all equipped with EVVA AirKey electronic cylinders. It is planned to double the network in the near future, and all new locations will also be equipped with EVVA AirKey cylinders.

In this situation, the solution based on electronic cylinders is the most convenient. Maintenance personnel are remotely authorized to visit the locations at the exact time they are needed. EVVA AirKey allows the use of geolocation to determine the location of the cylinder, which greatly simplifies the tasks of personnel involved in maintaining the company’s distributed network.

You can learn more about the project in the video posted on this page (German with English subtitles).

Mr. Höfinger

Mr. Höfinger rents out his apartment in Vienna for short periods through Airbnb. Previously, key management took him a lot of time. After he installed the EVVA AirKey cylinder on his apartment, he solves these problems much faster and online. This is convenient for both apartment owners and their guests: there are no problems either with late arrival/departure, or with the lost keys. For details, see the manufacturer’s website (in English).