What is an electronic cylinder?

Electronic cylinder is a device fitted with a handle that has an integrated RFID reader and/or a Bluetooth communication module. In the inactive state the handle with the reader rotates freely, but the moment the user puts the right “key” to the reader, the handle enters into connection with the internal cylinder mechanism. After that, the lock can be locked or unlocked by turning the handle.

Various types of RFID chips (key fobs, cards) are used as “keys”. Besides, some models of electronic cylinders can be unlocked with a smartphone. These are the cylinders we offer.

As a rule, on the inside of the door, the electronic cylinder has a standard knob, which allows you to unlock the door from the inside at all times. However, it’s also possible to make a cylinder, which is unlocked by a key from the inside of the door. Besides, there are cylinders with electronic knobs on the both sides of the door.

As a rule, electronic cylinders run on batteries.

How does a cylinder “know” that one key unlocks it and the other doesn’t? For instance, this information can be stored in the cylinder itself. This is the way the majority of simple and cheap systems work, however, such systems don’t have a wide range of access control capabilities. EVVA AirKey system stores iformation in a cloud.