Smart locks for private use.

Do you lose your keys often? Do you periodically grant access to your home to relatives or service personnel? Then an electronic cylinder can make your life easier.

Electronic cylinders are an expensive solution, but in certain cases it is justified for a private house. If you or your loved ones lose the keys a smart lock will make your life much easier: you simply delete the key from the lock’s memory, and take a new card or key fob. If from time to time you need a neighbor to water the flowers in your absence, or a plumber to fix the tap, you can send the access right for the EVVA AirKey electronic cylinder via SMS, and it will be valid for as long as you want. If you have attendants coming to your home (nannies, cleaners, builders) who need to have access to a house or an apartment only at a certain time, then a smart cylinder will solve this problem as well.

For a more detailed description of the EVVA AirKey system, see the corresponding section of our website.

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